Montana or bust!

W-a-y back in ’86, we met some wonderful people from Montana while doing a short term mission stint with YWAM.  The Gipe family took us in as their own and have ever since.  We’ve spent many summer vacations with them and a few Christmases as well.  They warmly welcomed our family this summer and were generous in lending us their boat, seadoo, kayaks, go karts, quad and ‘Big Mable’!  We rented a house just a few miles up from their summer home and spent a part of most days together.  

We had such a good time as a family!  Some highlights for me were… 


Firstly, being with my fam for a whole week and getting to snuggle, hug and kiss my grandkids, good food and drink, great weather including a thunderstorm.  The porch swing.  The SKY!  There’s a reason Montana is called ‘Big Sky Country’.  A hike on Wild Horse Island and seeing a bald eagle.  Oh, and an owl that was perched in a tree nearby.  An impromptu concert for our friends by ‘Coalmont’.  I’ll never forget the morning that Alicia and Carissa were trying to open up a patio umbrella down by the dock and two bats flew out.  Carissa ran away screaming leaving Alicia to hold the umbrella and dodge the bats!  Hahaha.  Loved watching the kids with their Gramps…Linc squirting him real good with his water gun.  Maddie had a kayaking lesson from our friend Kath.  Most days, Ruby painted Linc’s face with felt pens and it was always a surprise as to what she’d draw the next day.  Shopping day in Kalispell with the ladies.  Gotta love the ‘no tax’ in Montana!  I had a go kart race with Linc.  He won. :)  And the ‘craw dads’.  Irv and our friend Ron took the kids fishing, and they caught a bunch of ‘craw-dads’ (crayfish) which later were boiled and eaten!  (We released the ones that didn’t make the cut.)  Campfires and s’mores…need I say more?  See ya next year!  



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