Babes & Birthdays!

This week opportunity randomly presented itself to catch my 4 super adorable grand-munchkins in action.  Madz and I babysat Cache and as I usually tote my camera and 50mm around, I was able to capture these 2 cuties.  Oldest and youngest!  Maddie rarely poses for any shots so I was able to get her on a ‘good’ day.  She LOVES her little cousin Cache.

The second batch of images was shot the day I was going to celebrate Ruby turning 7 as we were away on her birthday this year.  She asked if her BFF Linc (her brother!) could stay and hang out with her.  They got up to all kind of silliness and shenanigans as per usual and I managed to grab a few shots of them at their best.  

We look forward to adding 2 more babes to the clan this December.  Pretty sweet Christmas gifts if you ask me!  So grateful to be their Nana… 
































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I love making memories. Telling a story with my images whether it's my own tale or adventure, or helping others capture theirs. For as long as I can remember I’ve owned a camera, but it’s only the past few years that it's become a passion! Things I love? Looking for light through my lens! The hubster, our kids and their mates, 7 beautiful grandkids, wine, good food, and music!